Vision and Mission


"Vision UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau is to realize the Islamic State University as an institution of higher education that develops the main teachings of Islam, science, technology, and art are integral in Southeast Asia in 2013".


  1. Implement education and teaching to deliver quality human resources in academic and professional and personal integrity as a Muslim scholar.
  2. Conducting research and assessment to develop science, technology, and art using Islamic paradigm.
  3. Utilizing the science, technology, and art as a community service by using the Islamic paradigm.
  4. Setting up human resources and facilities to support the smooth implementation of the three responsibilities of higher education. 




  1. The development paradigm of science that gives emphasis on the sense of faith and monotheism (belief affection).
  2. The development of various branches of science with religious approach so that the values ​​of Islam into the spirit of every branch of science with the application of Islamic principles in the discipline of Science (IDI) as a real effort to realize the integration of science with Islam.
  3. Implementation of several disciplines to achieve competency standards sciences domain to strengthen the Islamic faith, worship, and morals muamalah
  4. Coaching and development of the civil environment in accordance with Islamic values ​​through programs Ma'had 'Aliy
  5. Manifestations of academic excellence and professionalism that is based on religious morals in campus life.
  6. Developing a Regional Study of Islamic Southeast Asia and Malay Tamaddun as a center of excellence (center of excellence) 




  1. Preparing students that certain noble members of society who have the ability and academic excellence and / or professionals who can implement, develop, and / or apply the science of Islamic religion, technology, art, and / or other related sciences.
  2. Explore, develop, and disseminate knowledge of Islamic religion, technology, art, and / or other related science and seeking to enhance the dignity and usage levels of community life and enrich the national culture.



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